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How to make Moringa Fertiliser

How to make Moringa Fertiliser

Using Moringa Oleifera Leaf as fertiliser can be as easy as putting Moringa Leaf or Moringa Powder on to your pot plants or garden. But by doing that a lot of the nutrients will break down before it has a chance to get into the soil and root system. 

So, the best thing to do is make a liquid moringa fertiliser, this will get the nutrients to where they are needed immediately.

You can use Moringa Powder or Fresh Moringa Leaf.

Moringa powder doesn’t mix that well with water so it’s best to give it a mix in a blender with some water. If you are using a watering can then it can be just poured directly on to your plants. If you are using Moringa Powder as a Foliar spray then you will need to strain the mixture though a piece of cloth first otherwise the small pieces of Moringa will clog up your sprayer. Use 1 tablespoon of Moringa Powder and dilute with 3 litres of water.

 When using fresh Moringa Leaves as a fertiliser give it a good blend in a blender with water. Same rules apply as the Moringa Powder. Strain it if you are using a sprayer. Whatever Moringa is left over in the straining cloth, put that directly on to the soil of your favourite plants. Use 3 to 4 small branches with 3 litres of water.

Liquid Moringa Fertiliser does not last long. It will go off in a few days so make your liquid fertiliser and use it that day.

With the Moringa sticks that are left over from pruning, use them as a mulch for your pot plants. They break down really quickly and end up looking a little like straw.




  • i am going to try this in my watermelon seedling want to transplant them. thank youu

    Gasedinyana Seloka
  • Wap, it’s nice getting this valuable information . Thanks a lot. I will like to know more about Moringa usefulness to farmers

    Awosanya adebayo
  • Moringa is very much addressed or adivitized but not fully utilized, why?
    If its suitable organic fertilizer why most people especially in Africa where I come from use imported expensive inorganic fertilizer instead of Moringa organic fertilizer?
    If Moringa is good as you said ,let’s promote it for all one ideal world,thanks.

    Samuel Blandes
  • I have learn a lot of moringa, I want to farm it

    Cyril Shonisani Tshinetise
  • I actually ferment my moringa powder in water with or without some molasses etc. I read about fermenting moringa before applying it so it is in a condition that plants can immediately use the nutrients. Fermenting takes about 1 week or so depending upon temperature where uts being stored for fermentation. Moringa, like kelp, contains a natural growth hormone.


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