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Moringa Research

Moringa Research

Moringa Oleifera has been around since the dawn of time and over the years it’s been used both as a food and medicine. It has many traditional uses!

Also, there has been a lot of research done on the benefits of Moringa.

The Moringa Shop has supplied some links to some of the research that is freely available on the web. The Moringa Shop encourages you to do your own research. If you find something interesting about Moringa research, please drop us a note and we will gladly add this to the website so that we can share some of the facts about Moringa.


Jed W. Fahey, Sc.D.
Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, Department of Pharmacology and Molecular Sciences, Lewis B. and Dorothy Cullman Cancer Chemoprotection Center, 725 N. Wolfe Street, 406 WBSB, Baltimore, Maryland, USA 21205-2185

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International Journal of Health & Nutrition 

Anti Diabetic Property of Drumstick (Moringa oleifera) Leaf Tablets


1Assistant professor (Food science and Nutrition), Regional Research Station, Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, Aruppukottai-626107.India;

2Professor, Dept. of Food science and Nutrition, Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, Coimbatore-641003.India;

3Assistant professor (Food science and Nutrition), A.D. A.C&R.I, Tamil Nadu Agricultural University, Trichy-9.India

Click here to read Anti Diebetic PDF


A Darkfield Microscopic Evaluation of the Live Blood Effects Caused by Moringa Oleifera

(Smart Mix proprietary formula)
Dr. Howard W. Fisher, Dr. Colombe Gauvin, Sigy Laredo

Please click for the PDF Moringa and Blood